In the middle

This Journey,,,

 Started on this path with a vision and idea; a plan for my future and for the church. Believing that God had given me the clear marching orders I went out to do God’s will…

This path has not been straight – it has been filled with bumps and cures I never expected. First I thought I would save my home church. I had the connections in town it could work. But that way was not where God wanted me to go. Unreturned phone calls and emails left me wondering if this really was God’s plan.

I believed the Divine wanted me to create and try out this model this way of doing church This call had been impeded in me since I picked up the book Community Ministry by Carl Dudley. This fired a passion in me to do church differently to take the church into the community to be real to be with – not sit in the white pristine building in the safety of the pews, but to go out and just be with my fellow person. Showing God’s love through my actions…

God lead me to Middletown to First Church. In this old ornate building filled with people who are passionate about their faith and their call in the world is where I have found my spiritual home.

Thus I stand in the middle of polar opposites….

Saybrook where the privileged worship between the hours of 10-11am on Sunday mornings. Their faith may extend to a Bible class but only with those who believe what they do and is on the night that fits into their schedules. Church matters are handled like secular business transactions. “You know there are parts of the church that need to be run like a business…”. Jesus was this truly your plan? When you came and walked beside us for 3 years, was this what you had in mind? My heart and soul scream no.

Middletown is beautiful, real, spiritually alive. …various beliefs in community bringing themselves to form a loving accepting community. Children can dance around the altar. Couples can sit holding hands in worship of their Creator. The work that has been done to create this true sanctuary is inspirational and my soul aches to be there – to do ministry there. Not to create and implement a business plan but to do ministry…

In the middle… a day where I visit a chef, a mom a grandmother living in a broken home filled with babies and teens. Willing to take time off from work to follow this dream of mine. The excitement bubbles ideas flow out. The joy is palpable…..Back to emails of parents wondering why people are invited in – who approved this membership into the elite…..

Here I stand. The choice has been made. Your will be done. I am only your humble servant.

Written by
Cori Kneeland
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Written by Cori Kneeland


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